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Lakehill Soccer Registration for Fall 2017

Registration for this years Fall/Winter Soccer season is now open. Register before June 30 to receive the $30 early bird discount and a chance to win a free registration!

Home Divisions Small-Sided (U9-U12)

Small-Sided Teams

Those in the 6-a-side and 8-a-side divisions.

U9-10 Girls (Inhouse 6v6)

Division Manager: Catherine Pickering

  • Team 1 (Black): Coaches Jacqueline Cunningham and Mark O’Reagan
  • Team 2 (Purple): Coach Tyler Hadfield and Assistant Coach Brandon Aris
  • Team 3 (Red): Coach Ivica Kalabric and Assistant Coach Troy DeSouza
  • Team 4 (Teal): Coach Patrick Haesevoets and Assistant Coach Ian Grbavec
  • Team 5 (White): Coach Kevin Slagboom

U9-10 Boys (Inhouse 6v6)

Division Manager: Cory Waugh

  • Team 1 (Black): Coaches Jeremy Ross and Tim Greengoe
  • Team 2 (Blue): Coaches Christopher Oman and Aaron Maxwell
  • Team 3 (Brown): Coach Joe Harris and Assistant Coach Caleb Hart
  • Team 4 (Gold): Coaches Gary Pemberton and Kenneth Miyoshi
  • Team 5 (Grey): Coaches Jay Cullen, Jonathan Lee and Helen Scott
  • Team 6 (Maroon): Coach David Woods and Assistant Coach John Delli-Carri
  • Team 7 (Orange): Coach Christopher Hart
  • Team 8 (Red): Coach Keith Berry

U11 Girls (Super8)

Lakehill U11G - Nash:  Coaches Brian Nash and Ivica Kalabric.

Lakehill U11G - Singh: Coach Roland Tupas-Singh and Assistant Coach Colin Wright

U12 Girls (Super8)

Lakehill U12G Gold: Coach Tammy Orthner

Lakehill U12G Silver: Coaches Jeremy Mannall-Fretwell and Kaitlyn Chojnacki

U11 Boys (Super8)

Lakehill U11B - Simard: Coach Hervey Simard

Lakehill U11B - Nijjar: Coach Aman Nijjar

Lakehill U11B - Valley: Coaches Keith Valley and Stuart Bancroft

Lakehill U11B - Warde: Coaches Bill Warde and David Meunier

U12 Boys (Super8)

Lakehill U12 Gold Rovers: Coaches Lyle Eggen and Chris Willott

Lakehill U12 Gold Wanderers: Coaches Derek deGroot and Manuel Achadinha

U12 Silver Owen: Coach Jason Owen

U12 Silver Stafford: Coach Bruce Stafford

U12 Silver Youson: Coach Chad Youson




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