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Lakehill Soccer Registration for Fall 2017

Registration for this years Fall/Winter Soccer season is now open. Register before June 30 to receive the $30 early bird discount and a chance to win a free registration!

Home Divisions Full Field Teams (U13-U18)

Full Field Teams

Those in the U13-U18 divisions.  Players must be registered to particpate in assessments and pre-season games/ team formations.


  • U13G GSA-LSA Pooled Gold (Gorge based) 
  • U13G LSA-GSA Pooled Silver
  • U13B LSA-GSA Pooled Gold
  • U13B Silver (Stafford)
  • U13B Silver (Youson) Pooled Silver


  • U14G LSA-GSA Pooled VIPL
  • U14G LSA-GSA Pooled Gold
  • U14B LSA-GSA Pooled VIPL
  • U14B GSA-LSA Pooled Gold (Gorge based)
  • U14B LSA Jaguars Gold


  • U15G GSA-LSA Pooled VIPL (Gorge based)
  • U15G GSA-LSA Pooled Gold (Gorge based)
  • U15G LSA-GSA Pooled Silver
  • U15B GSA-LSA Pooled VIPL (Gorge based)
  • U15B GSA-LSA Pooled Gold (Gorge based)


  • U16G GSA-LSA Pooled VIPL (Gorge based)
  • U16G GSA-LSA Pooled Gold (Gorge based)
  • U16G LSA-GSA Pooled Silver
  • U16B GSA-LSA Pooled Gold (Gorge based)
  • U16B LSA-GSA Pooled Silver


  • U18G GSA-LSA Pooled VIPL (Gorge based)
  • U18G LSA-GSA Pooled Gold (Gorge based)
  • U18G GSA-LSA Pooled Silver (Gorge based)
  • U18B LSA-GSA Pooled VIPL
  • U18B LSA-SFFC Pooled Gold


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